tmux Extended Window Status Patch


What is it?

tmux is a powerful terminal multiplexer, much like GNU screen (but, IMHO, much better). This patch extends the window status coloring scheme so that windows with different types of alerts can be colored differently on the status bar. For example, you can make windows that have received a bell appear red on the status bar, while making windows that have specific content appear green. Without this patch, you are only able to define one style for all activity, content, and bell alerts.

Update: this has been merged into trunk!

What does it look like?

Note: the ugly color combinations are only for illustration.

window-status screenshot

How do I use it?

Grab the code from tmux's CVS repo according to these instructions. Then, download the patch. Finally, run patch -p0 < /path/to/window-status.patch to apply it. ./configure && make && make install and you're all set. Note that you need to kill all instances of tmux or start a new session pipe before the changes take effect.

To configure the new window status styles, see window-status-{activity,content,bell}-{attr,fg,bg} in tmux's man page.