Laser Pictures


Here are a some random pictures I've taken of my laser collection


Dec 12 2008

Sep 8 2009

a simple laser box I designed; I'll probably replace the foam with a sturdier version later

L to R: Triple Play greenie, Triple Play blu-ray, mini blu-ray, and my SKYlasers 300mW greenie.

Sep 27 2009

T: Liconix 45PM, B: Scientech 372

the calorimeter is in great shape; I'm using the stand that originally came with the Liconix's detector

the large aperture calorimeter is designed for really powerful lasers; even my strongest lasers could barely move it

connecting my multimeter

my multimeter connects to my computer via an optical link

I also tried my SKY 300mW portable (on dying batteries); I defocused the beam to prevent any risk of damaging the sensor

Oct 12 2009

These pictures are of my 300mW SKY Laser and accompanying tripod.

Dec 30 2011

10mW 473nm DPSS Laser