Free VoIP calling with Google Voice and Linphone

gvcall is a simple utility to make a phone call with Google Voice from the command line. The major feature of this program is to integrate Google Voice and Linphone's command-line mode to make calling a number easy.


  1. If you don't already have a way to receive incoming calls to a VoIP account, see these instructions on my blog. I use Antisip and IPKALL to achieve this.
  2. Setup Linphone with your SIP server information (again, see the link above for more detailed instructions).
  3. Get pygooglevoice here[AUR Package].
  4. Install gvcall wherever you want and run it with no arguments. This will create a default configuration file at ~/.gvcall
  5. Edit ~/.gvcall using the instructions provided in the comments.
  6. Run gvcall -h for a list of options, or to get started right away, just do gvcall phonenumber

Other Functionality

You can also add other phone numbers to call with using a simple alias system in ~/.gvcall. For example, say that you sometimes have your mobile phone next to you and want to call a number using that. You could set altnums to be altnums=mobile:5555555555 and then run gvcal -m mobile phonenumber

Passwordless Access

pygooglevoice provides a configuration file at ~/.gvoice where you can enter your Google username and password if you don't want to be prompted every time you want to make a call.