This is a very simple utility to upload, delete, and list files in a single directory.


filedump screenshot


  1. Upload index.php to a directory on your server.
  2. Using your favorite editor, edit the first few lines for the configuration.


example situation: you have an installation on

Listing Files

Go to to see a list of all files in this directory (minus the ones you chose to ignore in the configuration). Type a few characters into the input box to filter the results.

Alternatively, you can go to to immediately filter by a search term. This can be helpful if you have a bunch of photos from a specific set (e.g. laser1.jpg, laser2.jpg, etc.).

Managing Files

If you place your cursor at the far top right of the page, you'll notice an "adm" link. Click it and type in your password. You will now be presented with the administration screen.

You can upload a file by using the first field. You can also manually create a text file by typing a filename into the second field (a text box will appear for the file content.

To delete a file, click the "del" link (once to arm, again to confirm).


v1.1 - fixed for newer versions of PHP


This software has nothing to do with the hosted service of the same name.