A list of selected projects follows. Smaller efforts not listed here can be found on GitHub.

Lighting and Visual Displays

  • ACRIS - Advanced, Controllable Room Illumination System — an end-to-end room lighting system
  • glowscape - a simple audio VU meter implemented with illuminated glowsticks
  • CEREBRO - a brain activity visualizer implemented on an 8051

Audio Processing

  • bt - a probabilistic tempo estimator implemented in RTL
  • hkir - a device to emulate Harmon Kardon's IR protocol for computer control of HK stereo receivers
  • peq - a parametric equalizer implemented in RTL

User Interaction

  • bcard - an inexpensive interactive PCB business card
  • lpctrl - a framework for using the Novation Launchpad as a reactive user input device
  • hdctrlr - a scroll wheel implemented with a hard drive platter
  • Prox Sensor Scroll Wheel - emulating a scroll wheel with a proximity sensor
  • Numark TotalControl Scroll Wheel - a utility to enable Numark TotalControl to be used as a pair of scroll wheels

Software-Defined Radio

  • chanem - a multipurpose channel emulator for airborne network communications (Master's thesis)

Tool Sharpening

  • My vim configuration - my (mostly) modular vim configuration
  • My zsh configuration - my (mostly) modular zsh configuration
  • vim-pandemic - a utility to manage Vim bundles
  • vim-todo - syntax highlighting for simple TODO lists
  • vim-vdb - syntax highlighting for simple human-readable key:value databases
  • vim-logcp - syntax highlighting and macros for logcp
  • vim-jsim - syntax highlighting and tags configuration for 6.004's JSIM HDL
  • color-control - a utility to build Xresources/TTY-configs from an SVG color palette
  • eclipse - a color scheme for KDE4


  • This site - sources for the content and build system that renders this site
  • filedump - a lightweight utility for displaying and managing files from a web interface

Software Utilities

  • logcp - a semi-user-interactive tool to bulk-copy modified files in a source directory to a destination directory
  • flacsync - a utility to transcode FLACs to MP3s while preserving as much tag and image information as possible
  • knocker - a lightweight port-knocking client
  • irc2sms - a service to forward IRC messages to a phone via SMS
  • gvcall - a command-line utility to aid with VoIP calling
  • icsy - I can't Sleep Yet — a simple alarm to help its user up from naps

Hardware Utilities