lpctrl: Framework for Cool Novation Launchpad Apps

It’s Christmas break now, but since I basically can’t get off of my semester sleep schedule (i.e. no sleep), I’m designing random crap.

Here’s a simple little framework I built over the past two days. I love my Novation Launchpad controller. I’m working on a controller mapping for Mixxx that turns it into a useful sampler. So far, so good, but I’ve got some more work to do before it’s usable to other people and not just me.

But when I’m not DJing, it just sits there on my desk. A while back, I wrote a simple CPU meter using PyGame’s MIDI support. It was cute, but rather useless. So, over the past few days, I wrote a framework that would let me create applications for the controller. I’ve created a clock and a little drawing app so far. I want to add a CPU meter, enhance the clock, and possibly make a Game of Life or something. The possibilities abound!

You can find it on Github here!

If you want to make any plugins, fork it, make them, let me know, and I’ll merge them back into my branch.

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